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Due to the pandemic, we are unable to run all our programs.  Watch our calendar for active programs.



Health Promotion and Wellness

My Best Weight Program

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Did you know that there are over 75 factors affecting how you lose or gain weight?


The My Best Weight program is a physician-supervised medical program focused on providing individualized, evidence-based, non-judgmental care.

Our mission is to teach you how to manage your weight long-term so you can live your life to the fullest.


What is my ‘Best Weight’?

Your Best Weight is the weight you achieve while living the healthiest lifestyle you can truly enjoy

In other words, we get rid of the terms ‘ideal weight’ and ‘goal weight’ in favor of a weight that will be realistic in your life. The program focuses on lifestyle changes that you can maintain over the long-term.


What do we do?

Losing weight and keeping it off is not as simple as ‘eat less and move more.’ We now know that obesity is a chronic disease, just like diabetes or asthma, and should be treated as such. We will teach you about the internal and external causes of weight gain and obesity, including genetics, certain hormones, and your environment.

Your Nurse or Dietitian will talk about food choices and exercise as well as the thoughts and emotions that affect your decisions about what you eat. We will discuss the option of using medications to help treat obesity as a chronic disease, but the use of medications is NOT mandatory to be a part of this program.

We know that each person’s journey will be unique and we are here to support you in your health journey with a non-judgmental, open-minded approach.


How much weight can I expect to lose?

In this program, we will provide you with realistic options, based on sound evidence and clinical expertise, that may help you lose 5 – 10% of your starting weight. Studies show that a weight loss of 5% can significantly improve your health.

Who is right for the program?

We see adults (18+) living with obesity (BMI over 30) or who are overweight (BMI 27-30) and have weight-related health issues (i.e. diabetes or a fatty liver).

You must be referred by a medical practitioner such as your family doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or a specialist. A completed Client Questionnaire form must accompany the referral.


How much does it cost?

There is no cost to participate.


What to expect:

After your referral is received, you will be contacted by our administrative staff to book your first appointment.

  1. Your first appointment will be with a Nurse or Dietitian for approximately 60 minutes

  2. The next appointment will be 15 minutes with a Nurse or Dietitian followed by a 20-minute appointment with Dr. Zatelny for assessment

  3. Regular follow ups (every 2-4 weeks) will be booked with your Nurse or Dietitian – these can be in-person, over the phone, via email or using video-conferencing and are usually 30-45 minutes long

  4. You will see Dr. Zatelny as needed based on your treatment plan


* All appointments are one-on-one with your health care practitioner *


 Watch this short video to learn more about obesity as a chronic disease:


 Phone: 705-734-9690 ext 283
Fax: 705-719-4877

490 Huronia Rd, Barrie, ON L4N 6M2
(Behind the Urgent Care b

Introductory Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation
A 4 week mindfulness program that teaches introductory mindfulness and emotion regulation skills to people struggling with mental health challenges. Participants will learn mindfulness techniques to assist with the connection between body, thoughts and feelings, how the brain/body processes stress and emotions, tools for emotion regulation, and develop resources for self-care.
Bereavement Support Group
Peer support group where individuals can walk through the stages of grief and learn how to embrace one’s own unique healing journey.
Anxiety Support Group
Are you or a member of your family struggling with anxiety that stops you from living a healthy, rich and fulfilling life? If the answer is yes, our 6-weeks anxiety support group is a great opportunity for you to learn new and effective ways of dealing with anxiety and overcoming past/present hurts, pain and fears. Take back your life, take back your health! Watch out for the next Anxiety Support Group.
Art Therapy
A six week program with weekly 2 ½ hour sessions. This group provides a safe and supportive place for creative expression and friendship. The group meets Thursdays from 9:30 am to12 pm.
A smoking cessation program offered to registered clients by a TEACH certified Registered Nurse providing nicotine-replacement therapy and coaching at no cost.
Volunteer Services

A BCHC volunteer is a person who is unpaid and participates in a service, program, or sits on a committee of the Centre. Volunteers are recognized by BCHC staff for their unique skill set and knowledge and are placed in volunteer positions accordingly. Each volunteer has a current job description which outlines their role, responsibilities and which staff person they report to. BCHC program staff work closely with volunteers to help them develop new skills and improve their health and well being.

Cooking for 1 or 2

Learn the nutrition basics for older adults in this 5 week program. The weekly 2 ½ hour classes include nutrition talks, cooking and taste testing. The fifth week is an optional grocery store. Learn about cooking with new food (beans, chickpeas, kale) what to do with leftovers and receive recipes for l or 2. Come and join the fun!

Cafe Connect

Cafe Connect

Café Connect is a program that connects individuals and families to community resources and the resources of the Barrie Community Health Centre that enhance health and wellbeing.  Speakers, displays, presentations, cooking demonstrations/tastings are facilitated by Community Health Workers and Health Promoters.  Themes have included the celebration of Nutrition and Physiotherapy Month, Cancer Awareness/Screening/Prevention, stress reduction workshops, chair yoga, drumming circles, to name a few.  Please look for our upcoming Café Connect programs on the web site and feel free to drop in and enjoy time with our staff and other community members.

Chronic Disease and Physical Activity

Chronic Low Back Pain

Barrie Chronic Back painIf you suffer with chronic low back pain, this 6 week program with weekly 1 1/2 hour sessions instructed by a Registered Physiotherapist is designed to help you understand the difference between pain that hurts vs pain that is harmful, learn pain control strategies, proper lifting techniques and customized core strengthening exercises as well as spinal anatomy and the role posture plays in your back pain. A referral from your Family Physician is required.



GLAD program

This 7 week program is an exercise and information program for people with mild to severe hip and/or knee osteoarthritis. It is held on Tues. and Thurs. afternoons for 1 1/2 hours and is lead by a physiotherapist. Find out the right way to move to reduce your symptoms of osteoarthritis.  Past participants say they have less pain and are more active as a result of the program.(HeartWise Certified)heartwise exercise

Chronic Pain Self-Management Programs

A 6-week program with weekly 2 1/2 hour classes. Designed to give individuals the tools and information to manage their health and chronic pain better.

Supervised Walking Program

This is a 7 week designated Heart Wise Exercise program, that is comprised of both physical activity and educational talks. Offered in the Spring, Fall and Winter (Indoor). Spirit Catcher (downtown) and at the Bayfield Mall in the winter.

Fitness for Health

Do you want to improve your health?
Do you want to learn to be active in a safe way?

Includes a complimentary six week membership to the Allandale Recreation Centre, Holly Community Centre and East Bayfield Community Centre




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Who: Anyone with one or more chronic conditions

When: 2 hours 2 times per week for 6 weeks

Where: City of Barrie Recreation Centres

Your Team: Physiotherapist, Health Promoter & Wellness Coach

Please call the Barrie Community Health Centre for
details and to register at 705-734-9690 ext.291

No Cost To Attend!
The Barrie Community Health Centre has partnered with the Allandale Recreation Centre to provide the Fitness for Health Program at no cost to the participants.
The goal of the Fitness for Health program is to reduce barriers to exercise for community members living with one or more chronic conditions. Barriers may include (but are not limited to) unfamiliarity of fitness facility / equipment /classes, transportation, cost, lack of motivation, hesitation of self-monitoring with a health condition, and mental health challenges.
All participants must receive medical clearance from their Physician or Nurse Practitioner before starting the program.
Participants meet at the Allandale Recreation Centre for 2 hours, 2 times per week, for 6 weeks with a Physiotherapist and Fitness Instructors. All participants receive a 6 week complimentary membership that can be used at the Allandale Recreation Centre, East Bayfield Community Centre and the Holly Community Centre. Participants are encouraged to use the facilities as much as possible during the 6 week program.
Participants receive a log book that provides health information and opportunities for tracking exercise, heart rate and blood glucose. There is also a section for creating action plans. The program follows a structured format that includes:
  • Setting and reviewing action plans
  • Health education (nutrition, weight loss, stress management etc.)
  • Exercises for warm-up, stretching, cardiovascular, and strength using a variety of equipment
  • Options of treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machine, arm ergo-meter and rowing machine
The first day is used as a registration day which includes an orientation to the Allandale Recreation Centre, light exercise testing, and signing up for temporary memberships.

Check it out!!!


Kitchen Conversations

A monthly 1 1/2 hour class focused on skill training and healthy eating to support people living with prediabetes and diabetes. Includes both education & cooking demonstrations.


Youth Anxiety Support Group

Are you between the ages of 14 and 19 and struggling with anxiety? This is a 6 week support group with weekly 2 hours sessions. You learn about anxiety and new ways to cope and overcome it. You can talk to others who know what you are going through and set small goals for yourself. Come & join this summer group.

Simcoe New Mentality

partnersJoin us for a youth led discussion about mental health

Drop in activities every last Wednesday of the month from 6-8pm. Events will be posted on our Instagram page: instagram@simcoenm

Ages: 12-18


For more information call us at 705-734-9690 ext. 231

Fitness for Youth

A 6-week program designed to reduce barriers to exercise for anyone living with at least one chronic condition. All participants receive a 6 week complimentary membership to the City of Barrie Recreation Centres.

Writing Hub


A 6 week program designed for youth to further develop their writing skills, explore their creativity and build relationships

The Youth Hub

paintingA community partnership to decrease barriers for youth to access resources, education, and systems navigation. Thereby, providing a safe space for youth to engage with local professionals in seeking social, emotional, and physical health support. Youth Hub is going Mobile! Check out our instagram to find out upcoming events!

Instragram: @barrieyouthhub

Youth Health Connect

Designed to decrease barriers young people face when accessing health care by providing resources, education, information and navigation. Provides a safe, confidential opportunity for youth to gather meaningful health information. Youth Health Connect is found at your local high schools upon request and during special events. The Youth Health Connect team can also be reached through contacting the Barrie Community Health Centre Community Health Workers.

Community Development Initiatives

Community Outreach

Outreach programs also for vulnerable homeless population in partnership with the David Busby Street Centre, Salvation Army, Barrie and Area Native Friendship Centre – Nurse Practitioner providing primary health care, Community Health Worker provide navigation and supports to accessing community resources.

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Every One Matters

The Barrie Community Health Centre   “encourages personal responsibility for one’s own health and that of  the community through health promotion, illness prevention, chronic  disease management and integrated primary health care”

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