Do you want to improve your health?
Do you want to learn to be active in a safe way?

Includes a complimentary six week membership to the Allandale Recreation Centre, Holly Community Centre and East Bayfield Community Centre




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Who: Anyone with one or more chronic conditions

When: 2 hours 2 times per week for 6 weeks

Where: City of Barrie Recreation Centres

Your Team: Physiotherapist, Health Promoter & Wellness Coach

Please call the Barrie Community Health Centre for
details and to register at 705-734-9690 ext.291

No Cost To Attend!
The Barrie Community Health Centre has partnered with the Allandale Recreation Centre to provide the Fitness for Health Program at no cost to the participants.
The goal of the Fitness for Health program is to reduce barriers to exercise for community members living with one or more chronic conditions. Barriers may include (but are not limited to) unfamiliarity of fitness facility / equipment /classes, transportation, cost, lack of motivation, hesitation of self-monitoring with a health condition, and mental health challenges.
All participants must receive medical clearance from their Physician or Nurse Practitioner before starting the program.
Participants meet at the Allandale Recreation Centre for 2 hours, 2 times per week, for 6 weeks with a Physiotherapist and Fitness Instructors. All participants receive a 6 week complimentary membership that can be used at the Allandale Recreation Centre, East Bayfield Community Centre and the Holly Community Centre. Participants are encouraged to use the facilities as much as possible during the 6 week program.
Participants receive a log book that provides health information and opportunities for tracking exercise, heart rate and blood glucose. There is also a section for creating action plans. The program follows a structured format that includes:
The first day is used as a registration day which includes an orientation to the Allandale Recreation Centre, light exercise testing, and signing up for temporary memberships.

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