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Milestones Community Health Centre:
A Major Step forward in Health Care


March 7, 1986 – First meeting of the Citizens’ Committee on Community Health.

March 26, 1986 – Public meeting addressed by Dr. Doug Sider of the Parkdale Community Health Centre, Toronto.

April 3, 1986 – At the Ontario Medical Association panel the chairman of the Citizens’ Committee on Community Health was an invited participant along with representatives of the OMA, the government, Progressive Conservatives and the Nurses’ Association.

June 16, 1987 – Proposal approved by the DHC and forwarded to the Ministry.

June, 1988 – Extension of proposal submitted to the Ministry of Health.

February 13, 1989 – Bruce Owen, MPP, announces the decision to fund the Centre.

January 15, 1990 – Barrie Community Health Centre opens doors for service.

January 10, 1991 – First annual meeting of the Barrie Community Health Centre elects first user/member Board of Directors.


There are two reasons why establishing a community health centre is a major step forward in the healthcare system. The first reason is that the Centre provides preventive practice through a team of health practitioners. This preventive approach aims at keeping people well rather than waiting for illness to occur. Linked with preventive practice the Health Centre engages in vigorous health education and promotion programs based on the interests of people in the community who want to keep well. The second reason is that the policies and programs of the Centre are determined by its Board of Directors who are elected user/members of the Centre. This is the only place in the health care system where the consumers of health care have a say in how health care is to be organized and delivered. The Health Centre achieves its goal through creative co-operation among professionals (physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, educators, etc.) and consumers.


David Smith Chairman of the Board (1991)

Barrie Community Health Centre Chairman,

Citizens Committee on Community Health

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